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cornerWelcome to the State Of Texas Alpaca Ranchers. We are a nonprofit organization comprised of Alpaca ranchers, owners and breeders in the State of Texas. We are also the AOBA Affiliate Organization in Texas. If you are looking for information about Alpacas, use the following pages as an introduction.

Our member sites have additional information and will be happy to share more if you contact them. If you would like to visit an Alpaca ranch in Texas, click here or use the menu to the left to find a STAR member ranch near you.

There are a growing number of STAR member events, both educational and fun – please see our events page or look for a town or city near you to see if our member ranchers have something going on or just to schedule a visit.

Curious About Toxic Plants?
Take a look at our resources page for links to Universities and Extension service resources.