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9 Signs it is Time to Replace the Locks on your Home

Even though you may not think much about the locks in your home, there are some signs that show it is time to replace them. On certain occasions, you might need to replace your locks completely. However, before taking any action, you need to confirm whether to go for lock replacement or just re-key the existing lock. Re-keying locks are getting rid of old keys. This is a process many homeowners can do by themselves.


Here are 9 signs that show it is time to replace the locks on your home

1.     You have just moved in
If you have just relocated to a new house, you will feel more secure if you change your locks. There is no telling on the number of copies on the new house that are available. Some copies of keys to your new house may have been given to neighbors or workers and could have landed in the wrong hands. Even if the building manager claims that all the locks are safe or were changed recently, do not go with that claim. You do not know who may have had his or her hands on them. Having a professional locksmith to replace the locks will not be expensive. This will also give you with a peace of mind that a housebreaker cannot get into your property.

2.     You have just kicked someone out of your house
If you have just kicked someone such as a tenant or an unhappy family member out of your property, lock replacement is critical. It is very shocking what an angry person can do to hit back.

3.     You have just fired an employee working in your house
There comes a time when you need to get rid of your watchman, nanny, babysitter, or even a cleaner. In those situations, you do not want to become a victim of crime. Since most employees have extra keys to the house, you need to hire a professional locksmith to replace all your house locks.

4.     Your house locks cannot unlock or lock quickly
You might think since your home lock locks or unlocks, the struggle does not matter. But any lock in your house that does not lock or unlock quickly may be easier to break in.

5.     You lost your house keys
If you have just lost your house keys, you know how much pain it can cause. Even though you might have extra keys, it will be better to hire an expert to replace them. This will keep your house, your properties, and your family secures in case a wrong person finds the lost keys.

6.     You have broken your house locks
When any of your room locks is broken or spoiled for any reason, they should be replaced immediately. Professional locksmiths offer emergency locksmith service to help in such cases.    Do not waste time trying to
repair a broken lock. Such a lock may be easier to break in.

7.     Your locks are too old-fashioned or out-of-date
You need to replace your house locks if they are too old fashioned or outdated to provide maximum and
modern security. Right now, we all need new and Hi-tech locks for maximum security. Carry out research on modern locksmiths and advanced locks. It is always important to move with the pace because burglars also use advanced technologies to break in.

8.     Rust
House locks can accumulate rust over time. When that trust reaches a degree that your house lock cannot open well, it is critical to get them replaced by a professional locksmith.

9.     Upgrade your existing locks
If your existing house locks are the reason for your worry, the best option to improve the level of protection is to replace the locks. There could be the lock that does not have a deadbolt. Or the deadbolt and strike plate in the locks are not high as they are thought to be. One of the main reasons to replace locks is to have more durable and reliable locks.

When replacing your house locks, always get the right expert. A professional locksmith will be able to identify the right replacement lock, and the proper method to apply for you. Remember, some locksmiths are in business to make money. So do not just identify any locksmith. Get a qualified and experienced locksmith.

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